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Communication Beyond Design®
At Trillium Creative, we have an insatiable curiosity about how people react to visual and written messages. What do the images and words say about you and your business? How do they communicate your key messages and the benefits of your products and services? What will catch and hold your customers’ attention? Your customers will pay attention when your messages are presented to them in a real, meaningful and captivating way. Trillium helps you create communications that resonate and endure with your audience. We help you create Communication Beyond Design.®

The Answer to “What is Creative?”
Creative is the successful translation of your business vision into strategic design. Creative is the dedicated pursuit of marketing excellence that instills a pride in your brand, your company, and your customers. Creative is finding that simple solution no one in the room sees in front of them. And creative is considering the complex solution, not being afraid to take the road less traveled and responding to the question “Why?” with “Why Not?” Trillium is creative. Creative enough to challenge you, ourselves, and the competition.

The Business of Design Communication
We know design. And we know business. In design, it is often said that form follows function. The same is true of strategic business communications. A perfectly executed design can only emanate from a well-conceived, intelligent marketing and positioning strategy. We take pride in utilizing our artistic creativity to solve real communication problems in sophisticated, strategic, business-minded ways. In the process, our creative marketing expertise enables us to go beyond problem-solving to create new and exciting opportunities for you and your firm.

Fulfilling Our Promise
Dedication permeates our day-to-day work with you and on your behalf. We think about your target audience over our morning coffee. We can't fall asleep until we jot down that idea for your design piece. Your image is what we consider as we meticulously check a color with the printer. From client dialogue to the creative process, from our attention to detail to final design execution, you will be involved and you will know that you are our absolute priority.

Choose Wisely
How do you choose the right design firm for you? It starts with choosing a firm that truly understands business and marketing. Designers who relate to you, and your company’s vision and goals. We are that design firm. We begin by talking with you about your business philosophies, the marketplace, and what you want from your partnership with a design firm. We truly listen to you, and ask the questions that provide real insights. Then, you can look at our portfolio and see the connection between our philosophies and the creativity, complexity and effectiveness of our design solutions.
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